Product Descriptions

Here's a quick look at our products to help you choose the right equipment to hire for your presentation.


Information to help you decide which projector to hire depending on your presentation type.
2000 Lumens

Ideal for smaller audiences such as an in-office presentation.

3000 Lumens

Ideal for medium size audiences such as a church hall or conference break-out meeting session.

4000 Lumens

Ideal for larger meeting/conferences or where a larger/brighter projection image is required.


Ideal for larger meeting/class room or lecture room presentation where better quality and clarity is needed.


Screen sizes go hand-in-hand with projector lumens ratings.

We have Fastfold screens suitable for all types of events all supplied with both front and rear surfaces at no additional charge.

What format is your presentation?
Choose 4:3 for for more standard Powerpoint type presentations.
Choose 16.9 (Wide Screen) if you your presentation includes a lot video.

Back Projection

Really useful where space is at a premium or say where a projection session doesn't rely on a hand-to-hand laptop operation.

Front Projection

Standard. Often used where presenter controls presentation timing using a laptop for example.

Specialist Projection

Specialist.  For example; irregular surfaces or location doesn't allow convenient screen placement.

PA Systems

Choosing the right sound system is key to a successful presentation or gig.  We have sound systems from desktop size through to professional grade use.

PA system 1

For smaller presentation.

PA System 2

Intermediary venues.

PA System 3

Larger Venues.


Whether you choose conventional - wired - or wireless it's important to select the right microphone set up.  A fixed, wired requirementfor an event guest speaker delivering from a podium is quite different from a need for an "active" presenter.

Microphone 1

Traditional wired & wireless microphones.  With and without stands are often used forstudio recordings and gigs.

Microphone 2

Lapel type wireless microphones are successful when used for Event/Conference type presentations.

Microphone 3

Wired, Wireless fixed and mobile radio type combinations to give you excellent cover for mixed environments.


Corporate grade. Running Windows XP or Windows 7

TV and Video

Plasma is regarded as the optimum format. All our TV's are HDMI ready and HD 1080p


Suitable Exhibitions.


Suitable Conferences & Events.


See Video Walls.


Complete range from desktop through to larger event requirements.


Connection directly to PC & laptops using standard Audio or USB connections.


Conference & Events

Pro' Grade



DJ through to Graphic EQ's and anti-Feedback. 

Deck 1


Deck 2


Studio Grade

Performance, Gig grade


Compact lightweight through to Backdrops

Stage & Lecterns

Stage stuff


Par Cans


Mounts & Rigs


We have a range of options from simple standalone audio/video recording through to full HD recording and post production.
We also have the capability to provide real time streaming over the web from your premises (Subject to bandwidth) and if required a Central London recording studio for your next event.

SD Handicam

Standard hand-held size format. 

SD cards are now normally used as they provide greater storage capacity, compatability and transportability to desktop type editing software.

HD Cameras

Perfect for Launches, AGM, conferences etc,share with colleagues/or use for training purposes.

Ideally suited for Professional recordings requirements.

Sports Cam's

New for us.

Helmet Camera mounting for Point Of View action sports events recording.

Video Walls

We offer a range of Plasma and LED screens or video walls suitable for both indoor and outdoor events.
These are modular so you can build the screen size you want and and work perfectly well in daylight or where there is a lot of stage lighting for example.
We can provide a choice of mounting options Including Stage, Free-standing or even on the back of a truck.


We offer a range of accessories to make your presentation go smoothly.


There's lots of different type of Mac adapters.  We carry stock of all known current types for Mac, iPad, iPod and iPhone.


Red or Green powered Laser Pointers.

We even have a high-powered laser pointer that can be used over 300 metres.


Specialist area.  If we don't stock it and you are having difficulty in finding we might know someone who can.