AV2Hire AV Glossary of TermsThis FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) page is here to help you when you need a quick answer.  Of course, we can't put down everything we know about AV on one page, so here are the most common questions we regularly answer.
If you want find an explanation about a technical term then check out the online AV2Hire Glossary of AV terms.  This is an ever growing list ideal for techno-phobes to use as a quick lookup.

What size projector do I need?

This really depends on how large an image you require (linked to audience size) and how bright the conditions are.
Our smallest projector is 2000 Lumens which is quite a bit brighter than many other entry point projectors offered for hire so please check what you are paying for.  For larger screens we also have 3000 and 4000 Lumen projectors.

Please call us so we can discuss which one is suitable for you.

What type of microphone do I require?

Again this depends on size of audience and type of setting.
We supply many different types of microphones including:

  • Fixed
  • Radio - Roaming / Lapel
  • Headset
  • Boundary
  • Condenser

Call us to discuss your individual requirements.

Can I use a projector out of doors?

Not really our projectors are not designed for outside applications however we can also offer a range of LED screens, also known asVideo Walls, which are suitable for both indoor and outdoor events.
Video Walls are modular so you can build the screen size you want and and work perfectly well in daylight or where there is a lot of stage lighting for example.
We can provide a choice of mounting options Including Stage, Free or even on the back of a truck.

If you want to use projectors in a marquee; we strongly recommend you ask your supplier to ensure it can be blacked out as much as possible as we cannot guarantee picture quality when used in a marquee.  Even on a dull and overcast day the light can be strong inside.

What size of PA will I require?

It really depends on what you want to use it for Music or Conference.
We have many different sizes to choose and can advise further once we know approx audience size and what the intended use is.

I need sound with my presentation

No problem we can link the sound from your presentation viaexternal speakers, dependent on the size of audience.

Can AV2 offer video and audio recording of our event?

Yes we can!
This option is Perfect for Launches, AGM, Conferences etc, share with colleagues or use for training purposes.

We have a range of options from simple standalone audio/video recording through to full HD recording and post production.
We also have the capability to provide real time streaming over the web from your premises (subject to bandwidth) and, if required, a Central London recording studio for your next event.

Please enquire if interested in any of the above.

Call us now to discuss what option will be best for your next event.